INPC European and Mediterranean Championship 2016 

WRPF Open Israel Championship 
Israeli Powerlifting Community is proud to present for the first time in Israel the INPC European and Mediterranean 2016 Champions
Also is the first year of Israel Open Championship of the WRPF federation. The competition will take place at the city of Petach Tiqwa, adress: Ha-rav Pinto 1, sport facility Ha-Macabim. 
The goal of the competition is to promote powerlifting in Israel, and to encourage new young athletrs to participate in sports and powerlifting events. To strengthen relationship between Israeli Powerlifting Community with other athletes in Europe and Mediterranean. This competition will be the first competition of our new federation WRPF Israel. Also this competition athletes can set a new world records under an INPC - International Powerlifting Community. 

 Age Category: 
Teens-1 - 13-15  , Teens-2 - 16-17 , Teens-3 - 18-19
Juniors - 20-23 , Open - 24-39
Sub-Masters - 33-39 (לצורך קביעת שיאים בלבד ב-WRPF)
Masters-1-40-44 , Masters-2 - 45-49 , Masters-3 - 50-54 , Masters-4 - 55-59
Masters-5 - 60-64 , Masters-6 - 65-69 , Masters-7 - 70-74 , Masters-8 - 75-80

Women weight categories: 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 67.5, 75, 82.5, 90, 90 plus. 
Men weight categories: 48, 52, 56, 60, 67.5, 75, 82.5, 90, 100, 110, 125, 140, SHW. 

Personal equipment: 
Singlet is mandatory (must be without any enforsment and not compressed fabrique, one ply and, as a whole, be a singular component. The straps must be worn over the shoulders at all times while lifting in competition. Any color or logo is permitted.) 
Deadlift socks must be shin length socks to protect the shins while performing the deadlift (under the knee patella). 

Belt: approved width 10 cm. Made of leather or fabrique, without any additional padding, bracing, or supports of any material. A metal buckle, studs and stitching are the only non-leather components permitted. 

Wirst wraps: 1 m in length and 8 cm in width. 
Knee wraps: 2.5 m in length and 8 cm in width or knee sleeves in 30 cm lenhth (not both of them). 

INPC Extra raw: 
Wirst wraps: 1 m in length and 8 cm in width.
Knee sleeves in 30 cm length. 

Weiht in 24 hours before competition -  28 Dec. 2016, will take place at "Teva Shibolim" Shpigel Zosya 3 Petach Tiqwa. 10:00 AM -  13:30 PM. 
Weight in at the day of the comletition will be at the sport senter of the competition from 7:20 AM till 8:30 AM. 

For Participation: